Psychology For The Audacious

A Little Tale On My Journey

“I took it upon myself to get to know “my” myth, and I regarded this as the task of tasks” C. G Jung.

From an early age, I adopted a script telling me how to be and how to act, extremely ruled by empty spiritual dogmas.

For a great time, I didn’t dare to defy it and was afraid of taking charge of my own life.

I lost touch with my Soul

The results were a great sense of inferiority, borderline obesity, many anxiety crises, social phobia, chaotic relationships, and a lack of meaning and direction.

In 2016, I graduated in music but I couldn’t be more depressed.

I was supposed to be happy but I felt aimless and defeated.

In the midst of this chaos, an old dream came back, I have always wanted to live abroad.

Then this impetus hit me: What an auspicious moment to sell everything I had and pursue my dream!

This was my call to adventure.

3 months later I was living in Ireland.

Upon arrival, I was utterly dazzled, but soon I realized the crushing reality of being an emigrant: knowing absolutely nothing, no one, and having to find a job as soon as possible.

But none of this mattered, I felt alive and every cell of my being was awakened and I treasure every single hardship I had as they allowed me to become a man.

Side note, I still remember the time when I was broke and fell into this scam working as a garbageman… long story short, I’m still waiting to be paid lol.


In following my heart, a new door opened and I had an amazing opportunity to complete my first personal development course, at the Irish Lifecoach Institute.

In this new realm, I also explored many self-knowledge branches and philosophical and spiritual teachings.

From mythology to meditation, from NLP to hypnotherapy.

I started working with a few people from Ireland, but soon I had to come back to Brazil. 

When I arrived, some old demons came back knocking on my door and I even experienced derealization and panic attacks.

Plus, I was faced with many clients I just didn’t know how to help and began questioning everything I knew.

That’s when I finally discovered Jungian Psychology and started doing sessions with an Analyst, for which I’m extremely grateful.

Soon I enrolled in formal training to become one myself. 

In this period, I really felt I had to fight for my life, and from the ashes, a new sense of self emerged.

I’d built a solid foundation and finally had conquered authority over my life.

My Soul was finally redeemed.

My journey taught me that daring to realize your authentic path is only for the audacious, there are many dangers and challenges, but it’s in your own path that resides what you’re truly seeking.

That’s how Psychology For The Audacious came to be. 

Now it’s been 6 years since I started working with people worldwide with sessions, lectures, and courses.

I bring every hard lesson I had to learn, my successes, my struggles, my mistakes, and my experience overcoming them to the table, plus all the experience acquired analyzing people from over 20 countries.

It would be an honor to take part in your journey.

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Rafael Krüger

My Qualifications

  • Post-Graduated in Depth Psychology (Dedalus Institute – Brazil)
  • Post-Graduated in Analytical Psychology (Unylea Institute – Brazil)
  • Traning in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (IBC – Brazil)
  • Training as a Life & Professional Coach (Irish Lifecoach Institute – Ireland)

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