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Become The Creator of Your Audacious Life – Validated in Over 20 Countries

  • Get the best tools to deal with anxiety, depression, and achieve emotional autonomy.
  • Stop feeling lost, uncover who you truly and have clear goals and a sense of direction in life.
  • Beat procrastination, master your habits, and unleash intrinsic motivation. 
  • Crush self-doubt, overcome your fears, and build self-confidence.
  • Master the art of creating loving and fulfilling relationships.
  • Uncover hidden talents and boost your creativity.
  • Create your unique sense of meaning and unravel your personal myth.


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Audacity University Detailed Curriculum

1. The Individuation Process and its 3 laws Masterclass.

2. Jung's Scientific Approach: Antinomies, empiricism, pragmatism, and the notion of psychic reality.

3. Experimental Concepts: Psyche, the compensatory and complementary relationship between conscious and unconscious, Attitude, Ego-Complex, Persona, and Archetype.

4. The Psychodynamics of shadow integration, complexes, projection, neurosis and psychosis.

5. The Assimilation of the unconscious and psychic inflation.

6. The Self and Individuation.

1. Introducing The Typological Method.

2. Extraversion x Introversion.

3. The 4 Functions: Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, and Intuition.

4. One video with an in-depth explanation of each one of the 8 types: Extraverted and Introverted Thinking types, Feeling types, Sensation Types, and Intuitive Types.

5. The Inferior Function.

1. The Dialectic Method

2. The Reductive x Constructive Interpretation

3. Psychotherapy - General Guidelines

4. The 4 Stages of Psychotherapy

5. Principles of Dream Interpretation: Rules of thumb, the objective x subjective interpretation, amplification, and the circular method.

6. Dream Interpretation Phases: A step-by-step approach

7. The Psychodynamics of Dream Compensation

8. The Transcendent Function

1. The Psychic Reality

2. Active Imagination As Developed by C. G. Jung

3. The Inner Journey - When Is Active Imagination Advised?

4. The Procedure - A Step-By-Step Approach

5. The Vessel - Creating Your Own Red Book

1. The Eros and Logos

2. The Animus - The Archetype of Meaning

3. The Anima - The Archetype of Life

4. Integrating The Animus and Anima

1 - Dissecting the function of the Mother and Father complex

2- Mother and Father Complex On Men

3 - Mother and Father Complex on Women

4 - Conquering The Puer and Puella Aeternus

A 2hrs masterclass that covers the psychodynamics of shadow integration and complexes in-depth.

The complete masterclass to obliterate procrastination and create an audacious life.

1 - The Psychology of Procrastination - The Secret Reasons You Procrastinate and How To Overcome Them

2 - The Strategic Habit System - The Foolproof Method To Master Any Habit

3 - Effortless Masterclass - Flow Mastery (Bonus)


No! ... the whole course was built to give you a solid foundation starting from the basics.

There are over 15 hrs of in-depth content pre-recorded, paired with the book PISTIS - Demystifying Jungian Psychology. You'll have immediate access to everything, plus live meetings when you access the Audacity Inner Circle. Everything operates through the trustworthy Systeme platform.

You'll have full access to the Audacity University for an entire year, after that, you have the option to renew your subscription.

I'll be checking the community daily to answer questions and connect with the members on live meetings, but this is not the same as having 1 on 1 sessions.

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