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Master Your Psychology and Unlock Your Audacious Life

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This process is a foundation for those who dare to realize their authentic path and desire to become the protagonists of their lives.

It’s for those who seek autonomy and freedom to be and act according to their own essence.

In such a manner, you can build a solid foundation and learn how to live through your own center, guiding you to maturity and independence to be yourself.

Thus creating a life imbued with direction, meaning, inspiration, and that’s worth living.

This process is an adventure to explore the whole dimension of your soul and a catalyst to develop your personality and unlock your audacious life.


Main Objectives

This is a process that can teach you skills for life and produce lasting changes. The main focus is that you master your psychology and unlock your audacious life.

Here are a few objectives that can be accomplished:

  • Uncover who you truly are and build a solid sense of identity.
  • Stop feeling lost and have clear goals and a sense of direction in life.
  • Crush self-doubt, overcome your fears, and build self-confidence.
  • Master the art of creating loving and fulfilling relationships.
  • Learn the best tools to achieve emotional autonomy and overcome anxiety and depression.
  • Deal with CPTSD and psychotic symptoms.
  • Develop laser focus, organization, and strategic habits so you can have more time to enjoy life and your loved ones.
  • Beat procrastination and perfectionism so you can finally give life to your projects.
  • Unleash motivation and peak performance without burning out.
  • Uncover hidden talents and boost your creativity.
  • Create your unique sense of meaning and unravel your personal myth.


Carl Jung proposes the “irrationalization of objectives in analysis”. In other words, at the beginning of the process what’s causing pain is yet partially or totally unconscious, for that reason, we still don’t know the best path to pursue. Each soul is unique, and as the process develops, solutions and surprising new ways, that couldn’t ever be thought of priorly, emerge.

Jungian Psychology focuses heavily on the psychodynamics between conscious and unconscious, the use of the dialectic method, dream analysis, and active imagination as means of the symbol formation process. In other words, we focus on the development of the personality to produce lasting changes.

However, I also draw knowledge from other approaches, the cutting-edge neuroscience of human behavior, and everything I’ve learned by analyzing people from over 20 countries to compose my unique and multilayered method. I focus on 4 main pillars and everything springs from the first one to the others.

1. Inner Foundation

Everything starts with developing your personality and building an unshakable inner foundation capable of sustaining you through your whole life.

  • Uncover who you truly are and build a solid sense of identity. 
  • Gain authority over your life by crushing self-doubt, overcoming your fears, and building self-confidence.
  • Develop emotional autonomy to overcome anxiety, depression, anger, vices, and process trauma and psychosis.
  • Gain clarity about who you truly are and your core values so you can make conscious decisions, and have a clear direction toward what inspires and realizes you.
  • Consolidate a deeper connection with your inner center and learn how to listen to your own inner voice for guidance.
  • Boost your creativity and uncover hidden talents.
  • Unleash motivation and peak performance.
  • Lastly, tap into your unique sense of meaning, that propels you to develop your own cosmovision and unravel your personal myth.

2. Skills

Practical Skills:

  • Overcome procrastination and perfectionism.
  • Build strategic habits so you can accomplish more in less time.
  • Develop laser focus, organization, and discipline.
  • Improve your relationship with money, finances, and your career.

Social Skills:

  • Overcome shyness and social anxiety.
  • Develop your communication skills and find your authentic voice.

3. Health

  • Improve your relationship with food and exercise.
  • Better your relationship with your body and build a confident self-image.
  • Improve your sex life and enhance your sleep quality.

4. Relationships

  • Disrupt toxic patterns and enrich your life with meaningful and loving relationships, built on trust and real intimacy.
  • Learn to place healthy boundaries and the ability to say no.
  • Learn how to better communicate and express your feelings.

Important Studies On The Efficacy of Analytical Treatment


I offer 2 modalities and both give you full access to the Audacity University.

I work with a fixed monthly payment and you can choose to do biweekly sessions for 300 USD per month or weekly sessions for 500 USD per month (here you save 100 USD).

In both cases, when the month has 5 weeks, you receive a bonus session completely for free.

Legal Disclaimer: Each country has its own laws regarding offering psychotherapy online, that’s why I’m simply offering “1 on 1 sessions”.

Jungian Psychology
and the Dialectic Method

My approach is widely based on Complex Psychology (aka Depth Psychology or Analytical Psychology).

Developed by the genius psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, one of the founders and former president of the Association of Analytical Psychology, in Zurich. 

Jung named his method “dialectic method” because the dialectic doesn’t presuppose something ready or a recipe.

It’s a true living dialogue where, both the analyst and the client, are equals co-participating in a unique process.


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    You can save a lot of money and time not having to go to a physical place. It can be made in the comfort of your own home, and for the same reason, it can be even more confidential.

    Sessions last 1 hour but don’t worry, I’m not a crazy timekeeper, if eventually, it lasts a few minutes longer nothing extra will be charged. The frequency can be weekly or biweekly.

    My process is completely personalized and considerate of the client’s individuality, it’s not a basic formula. The time investment depends on the objectives, the depth of the conflicts, and the client’s will and commitment to his own process.

    I don't accept insurance, however, I offer 2 modalities and both give you full access to the Audacity University.

    Biweekly sessions cost 300 USD per month and weekly sessions cost 500 USD per month (here you save 100 USD).

    In both cases, when the month has 5 weeks, the extra session is completely free. So every 2-3 months you receive a bonus session.

    Lastly, payments are made via Stripe or PayPal, according to the chosen frequency.

    Although dreams can be a great focus of Jungian Analysis, they aren't necessary for the process to work. I have conducted amazing processes without analyzing one single dream.

    I don't work with people under 18. And if you're experiencing strong suicidal tendencies, I recommend looking for a specialist in person.

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