“Only what is really oneself has the power to heal” – Carl Jung

“Only what is really oneself has the power to heal” – Carl Jung

Once more I was blown away, as I was reading this segment.

I felt chills all over my body, and my mind was flooded with memories.

Carl Jung explains how we face challenges and obstacles during our journey, and sometimes we’re hit so hard that we break.

And when that happens, There’s the danger of our persona regressing.

This means that, because our consciousness doesn’t have the right resources to properly deal with this situation, we may succumb to fear. Therefore assuming an inferior identity.

Our qualities regress to the unconscious, thus becoming inaccessible to the conscious will.

We may lose our boldness and self-confidence, and start acting like a lost child again.

Obviously, this reminded me of a situation I didn’t know how to deal with at the time. I had lost all my income sources and I suddenly started acting all scared.

I was already a professional, but I felt like a complete beginner. 

Then it hit me. This was all a mechanism to keep me from growing so I could remain in an infantile position. 

And I had to choose between taking responsibility and assuming my righteous place, or succumbing to this neurosis.

Procrastinating in facing this fear is running away from our soul and our destiny.

It means accepting a life that’s not meant for us.

It’s choosing to cast away our talents.

The only possible outcome of this attitude is to feel lifeless and neurotic.

Certainly, we might feel that we’re not up to the challenge, however, if you feel demeaned where you currently are, you can rest assured that this isn’t your place, otherwise you’d feel satisfied.

If the former is how you feel, then the seed for growth lies inside you, and it’s up to you to consciously choose to fight back and regain your life.

The problem is always in the conscious attitude towards life. And consciousness needs to be engaged so you can outgrow your maladaptations and childish tendencies.

As Carl Jung says, each person has his own duty, and that’s why:

“Only what is really oneself has the power to heal”.

Rafael Krüger

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