Realizing your Personal Myth – “The task of tasks”- C.G. Jung

What is your story?

“So I suspected that myth had a meaning which I was sure to miss if I lived outside it in the haze of my own speculations. I was driven to ask myself in all seriousness: “What is the myth you are living?” I found no answer to this question, and had to admit that I was not living with a myth, or even in a myth, but rather in an uncertain cloud of theoretical possibilities which I was beginning to regard with increasing distrust. I did not know that I was living a myth, and even if I had known it, I would not have known what sort of myth was ordering my life without my knowledge. So, in the most natural way, I took it upon myself to get to know “my” myth, and I regarded this as the task of tasks”. Volume 5 – P.30

I believe we’re all in search for meaning. Consciously or unconsciously we have this deep longing to understand life and find our place in the world.

Most people fail to realize this task and hide behind “conventional truths”, or fool themselves into believing that they are happy to have given up their dreams and settled for a mediocre existence.

Who am I and what’s the meaning of my life?

Some people are never bothered with these questions, but for some, it’s a matter of life and death. Destiny put before us the task to embark on a journey to find our own truth.

Many receive this calling, but just a few actually open their hearts and endure the pain of being stripped of their illusions about themselves, the world, and childish fantasies.

I can certainly remember the feeling of despair when I realized for the first time what I was doing with my life. I had been running from myself this whole time trying to find meaning in hustling, proving myself, parties, other people, and vices.

Coming from a really strict and religious background I thought I was finally living.

Until my Soul made me question everything.

I thought I was free when in reality, I was the one being engulfed in what society tells you to do. I was the one trying to find meaning in a mediocre way.

I was the one doing everything I could to silence my inner voice.

Shit… that hurt.

There were a lot of feelings and painful experiences I had never accepted. I hated my personal history. However, I learned that diving into our story is the only way to find meaning.

I began to understand why I was acting the way I did and what I was truly looking for. I understood my deepest fears and through them, my personal myth started to rise.

As I learned to be true to the law of my being, the less anxious and depressed I felt. 

Being courageous and having audacity took on a whole different meaning for me. Now I know it signifies acting wholeheartedly and allowing your soul to guide you through the mist of life.

As Jung said, “It’s the task of tasks”.

You won’t “find it”, you’ll create it by consciously engaging with your soul (Self).

Your path exists in potentiality, but it’s up to you to consciously choose to pursue it and create conditions for your Self to be realized.

Don’t know where to start?

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell

Rafael Krüger

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